Demo Expo Media Partners

Construction Plant World:

Launched in 1980, Construction Plant World Journal is published every two weeks, read by a worldwide audience of buyers and sellers of construction plant and equipment industries.

Complimentary copies of Construction Plant World will be available for Visitors to Demo Expo on 4th-6th July.



Demolition News:

Demolition News has just one simple aim; to bring demolition professionals the very latest in demolition developments from across the world. An independent business, Demolition News delivers up-to-the-minute industry news, videos and comments.

Demolition News are the lead promoters of NFDC & IDE biennial event ‘Demo Expo 2019’. Stay tuned to Demolition News for all the latest information about the biggest UK show focused solely on the demolition industry.



Institute of Demolition Engineers:

IDE is the co-organiser of the biennial Demo Expo, along with the National Federation of Demolition Contractors. The Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) exists to promote and foster the science of demolition engineering. The main objectives include the:

• promotion of use of more efficient techniques in the industry
• encouragement of safer methods of working
• provision of a qualifying body for the industry




National Federation of Demolition Contractors:

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors is the longest established and best respected voice in the demolition industry. With a membership of 150 Accredited Demolition Contractors in the UK and 80+ reputable service providers to the demolition industry, NFDC has its finger on the pulse of everything demolition. Raising Standards, Pioneering new Initiatives, Leading the Way with Specialist Demolition Training, Changing the Image of the Industry, Promotion Demolition Careers – the NFDC has ambitious strategic priorities and has led the industry since its establishment almost 80 years ago.

NFDC is proud to offer Demo Expo 2019, in collaboration with the IDE.