Introducing Number 8 Resourcing as Demo Expo Silver Sponsors

Number 8 Resourcing Ltd was established in 2009 and has been heavily involved in the Demolition sector from those early days. They joined the NFDC as an ISP member in 2013 and have established themselves as suppliers of demolition operatives and plant operators to major contractors in the London region and around the UK.

The business was established around core ethical and compliance principles and Number 8 has stayed true to these throughout. The contracting environment is complex enough so they make every effort to ensure their supply process meets the highest standards.

The team are very knowledgeable about the specific labour requirements and the accreditation workers need to operate in the demolition sector. They have access to a wide range of temp workers in both demolition and civil construction trades.

Along with their traditional supply of temp labour, Number 8 has joined forces with the NFDC and the NDTG to promote the Demolition Industry as a positive and sustainable career option for ex-military personnel. They will be providing a conduit for new starters from the military to work with member contractors with a longer term view to taking up permanent employment opportunities. As the pressure on skills and resources ramps up in the current climate, the possibility of tapping into a quality resource pool like this, with all the socially positive benefits to all parties, is exciting for Number 8 and the demolition industry.